Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Until earlier this week, the trifecta was "in-play" and then I realized that NNEKA (kick ass word on scrabulous BTW) has officially scored the Afro-German Hat Trick.

I don't know what to make of this. I didn't know that Germany was a bastion of west African imports and I didn't know that Nigeria had any specific connection with Germany, but yet, it does.

First along came Patrice. Patrice started with serious reggae licks

and has recently moved on to...more reggae! But for the masses. Now with more German!

Next on the Afro-German circuit was AYO (who is the mother of Patrice's kid and his current bedmate) (in french no less!)

But...but...the trifecta needed its third wheel. And that's where Nneka comes in. I just happened onto her youtube videos (for some reason the repetitive beat is pleasing to me) and lo-and-behold she looks kinda like Ayo (same pale skin, same funky hair) and she's from Nigeria and she has some links to land of the Deutsch.

I don't know why this is weird to me...it just is. I just find it curious that there's these three [currently] popular singer being produced in Germany via Western Africa.

You can probably find better versions of all these songs on the youtubes, but I just want to take this opportunity to give a big "fuck you dickheads" shout out to the little pieces of dog-shit who disable embedding. You dumb motherfucker, you're trafficking in copyrighted material, yet you want to protect "your work." The irony will never leave me...never!

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