Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yes, the Christopher Walken SNL sketch that this references is over 8 years old at this point, but that doesn't make the MORE COWBELL site less funny. The idea is simple: you upload an mp3, adjust the sliders to add cowbell and Walken quotes to it, and the computer "cowbells" it (nice verbification), with sometimes hilarious results. To wit:

We'll start off with Back in Black (Cowbell Mix) by AC/DC.

The Arctic Monkeys might want to consider a full time cowbellist, so they can perform The View From The Afternoon (With Cowbell).

There's always Cowbell Queen by ABBA. Wow, Gene Frenkel really explored the studio space on that one.

It's time to Get The Led Cowbell Out. Wow, that surprisingly rocks.

I used to think Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was a perfect rock song, but that's before it was cowbelled. (Though Walken puts his pants on at an awkward time, this is fantastic.)

Naturally, there's always room for More Cowbell on this one: Unknown song. You've just been Rick Cowbell'd!

Three's Company with Cowbell!

Tom Waits says, Make It Rain Cowbell. Or maybe Singapore?

Flight of the Conchords say it's Cowbell Time and too many mutha'uckas are 'uckin' with their shi'.

Maybe Elliot Smith wouldn't have killed himself if he knew the joy of Cowbell In the Hay.

Here's Kris' FAVORITEST SONG OF ALL TIME! Stick with it, the finale is fantastically cowbellriffic.

Slayer + cowbell = hilarious. Angel of Death or
South of Heaven are both great.

And of course, they added more cowbell to a song that already features the cowbell: Don't Fear The Reaper. Careful: listening to this might create a black hole like the Large Hadron Collider.

I like what I'm hearing.

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