Friday, September 26, 2008


This poor girl ended up on the NBC show "Heroes" last season, which after its promising Season 1, turned completely craptacular during their horribly muddled Season 2. Previously she had been the star of something called "Veronica Mars", a show which had amassed quite a cult following, no doubt due in part to her pulchritude. I honestly don't know what the show was about, so I'm just going to imagine it featured Victoria's Secret models on a space mission to the Red Planet. I think of it as a 21st century version of Barbarella filled with babes like Kristen Bell who utterly despise their pants.

I'm serious: this show has gotten so bad that I've completely given up on watching Season 3 (here's the site--help yourself).

That's right, this hot chick (who apparently can shoot lightning out of her ass or something--on the show, not sure if she can in real life) AND Hayden "Barely Legal" "Cup Licker" Panettiere are both on THE SAME SHOW, and I still refuse to tune in. That's when you know a show truly sucks.

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