Sunday, February 4, 2007


My quick thoughts on FootballMechaMatch 101001:

Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are both black. I'm not sure you were aware of this. And it's Black History Month, so I think the whole thing is fixed.

The Colts must show up tonight. I can't express that enough. Win this one for your fallen Colt, Barbaro!!!

I guess I have to go with the Bears, since they were my preseason pick, but I really don't care. My enthusiasm for this game is UNMEASURABLE.

How come no one is talking about Ricky Manning, Jr., the illegitimate son of Archie?

I think it would hilarious if they inserted Peyton into every commercial that 4 minute block right before kickoff.

I'm rooting for a blowout by halftime so I can go to bed early.

I'm also rooting for rain, since there's no chance of snow in Miami.

Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet might be the best part of the night. Three hours of puppies playing, narrated by Harry Kalas. You can't look away. Nearly a million votes have been cast for the MVP (Most Valuable Puppy). No shit. I voted for Bomber.

Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel and Prince are performing today. What is it, 1983?

Deadspin is doing the GLOG for CBS Sportsline. Seriously, a GLOG sounds like something you produced that you have trouble flushing down.


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