Thursday, February 1, 2007


Yes, it's that magical month again.

There's really only one thing you have to remember about the month of JEFFUARY: every day is about me. Yeah sure, I know some people celebrate Valentine's Day by buying their significant other candy, and even though they pretend to be delighted they file away their anger towards you for getting them a gift that is designed to make them fat. Bravo! Good luck with that. Meanwhile, I'm taking the day off and will be at the bar.

So for the entire month of JEFFUARY, I'm going to treat myself to something every day (and I encourage you to do the same). These activities may include any or all of the following: drinking, fine dining, watching hockey, drinking, playing open hockey/pond hockey, drinking, skiing, bourbon, going to/renting a movie, playing video games, drinking, getting a massage, drinking, watching golf, watching LOST, drinking. Did I mention that there might be drinking involved? Only 28 days hath JEFFUARY so I'd better get started. You can kick off the festivities by buying ME a drink. See how it works? You too can be a part of the unbridled joy that is JEFFUARY!

It's really just all about the fun: me having fun, and you doing everything to facilitate me having fun.


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