Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Every day that I'm at work, I want it to be one day ahead of what it actually is. For instance, today is Wednesday but I really wish it was Thursday. And on Sundays, I want to go one day back.

I was thinking today, whatever happened to First Aid Spray? That used to be the all-purpose solution for any scrape, burn or cut I'd get as a kid, and my mom would liberally spray that shit on like it was a magic cure-all elixir. But man, that god damn stuff stung like hell. What did they put in that can? I'm not even sure there was any actual medication in it (like an antiseptic). Was it just cheap grade isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol? Not only that, but it was really cold as well. Did they mix in some refrigerator coolant? Basically, I don't think it did anything but sting so badly that you forgot what injury you had in the first place. And I know my mom loves me, but I guess not enough to buy anything better than the No-Frills version.