Wednesday, January 24, 2007


• During introductions, drink if they mispronounce a player's name
• During introductions, drink if you've never heard of a player
• Goal scored on slapshot - 1 shot
• Goal scored on redirection - Finish off drink of person to the left of you (called an "assist")
• Goal scored by Canadian - 1 shot of maple syrup
• Goal scored by American - 1 shot of Kentucky bourbon
• Goal scored by Russian - 1 shot of vodka
• Goal scored by Swede - 1 shot of Absolut
• Goal scored by Sabres player - drink an entire Genny Cream
• Camera shot of Crosby and Ovechkin together - 1 drink
• Doc Emrick says "100 seconds left" in a period - 1 drink
• Player saying "organ-EYE-zhay-shun" - 1 drinktbw
• Gary Bettman insincerely saying "Our fans are the best!" - 1 drink
• Someone mocks Ed Olczyk for being a slow skater - 1 drink
• Bill Clement talking about an All-Star Game he played in - 1 drink
• Hat trick - 3 drinks
• Anyone mentions Rory Fitzpatrick - finish drinking everything you have in the house



Jeff K said...

Danny Briere scored that first goal, which means a shot of Grade A Light Amber maple syrup with a Genny Cream chaser. Not good.

Jeff K said...

Just wanted to list the players in this game that were originally drafted by the NJ Devils: Brodeur, Rafalski, Shanahan, Souray, Guerin, Rolston.