Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Here's the playoff picture for the NFLBCS championship this year. The final BCSNFL standings are as follows (the Top 10 are invited to BCSNFL Bowl Games):

1. San Diego (14-2) (1.0000)
2. Chicago (13-3) (.9362)
3. Baltimore (13-3) (.9344)
4. Indianapolis (12-4) (.9012)
5. New England (12-4) (.8896)
6. Seattle (9-7) (.7645)
7. Philadelphia (10-6) (.7571)
8. Dallas (9-7) (.7001)
9. New Orleans (10-6) (.7000)
10. Kansas City (9-7) (.6402)

With the best records overall, AFC West champion San Diego will play NFC North champion Chicago in the NFLBCS National Super Championship Bowl in Miami!

Although they did nothing but win their last 4 games, AFC North winner Baltimore dropped to #3 and will play NFC South winner New Orleans in the NFLBCS Sugar Bowl. (This is conveniently already in New Orleans, so their fans don't have to travel and leave their FEMA trailers.)

Indianapolis won the AFC South title and will play NFC West winner Seattle in the NFLBCS Rose Bowl.

AFC East winner New England meets NFC East winner Philadelphia in the NFLBCS Orange Bowl.

Although NFC East winner Dallas lost its last 2 games (including season finale to Detroit), and gave up 104 points while losing their last 3 home games, they earn an automatic berth because they are in the top 8 of the final BCSNFL Standings, and will play AFC West #2 Kansas City in the BCSNFL Fiesta Bowl.

This should most likely determine a nearly unanimously agreed upon winner for the NFLBCS!

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