Sunday, January 7, 2007


We spent the first 3 quarters saying, "Wow, these teams suck." In fact, the teams representing the NFC suck so bad it made us wish we were watching an AFC matchup between, well, anyone. The game was horrendous . . . and then the 4th quarter happened, with an ending almost as bizarre as the Indy/Pitt game last year.


Romo dropRomo gently weeps

So that's how the season ended for the Cowboys and inexplicable NFC Pro Bowl QB Tony Romo. Hey, don't laugh, he's a Romosapien just like the rest of us.

Naturally, just like the aforementioned Indy/Pitt game, this one was largely decided by questionable video replay calls. With 6:32 left, initially the Seahawks appeared to score a TD when Glenn fumbled on a quick out at the 2 and the defense picked up the bouncing ball in the end zone. But after further review (on a coach's challenge), one of the Seahawks players had stepped out of bounds and it was changed to a safety to make it 20-15. Quite frankly it wasn't completely clear from the replay that Glenn caught the ball in the first place. The Seahawks would get the free kick at the 50 and score shortly thereafter (because Roy Williams is incapable of covering anyone), and ultimately win thanks to the safety.

Plus, that final FG attempt on 4th down was necessary because a call was overturned on the field, saying that Witten did not get a first down, a conclusion that is not entirely conclusive on video replay (there was no camera at the first down marker). I don't know if Dallas fans will complain about the officiating as much as Seahawks fans did after SB XL, because after all they were an extra point FG away from advancing. And everyone will forget that Holmgren blew it by trying to tie the game on 4th and goal on the 2 with under 7 minutes left (which led to the safety), because winning has a funny way of making you forget those things.

Anyway, enjoy the postseason, Romo!

(BTW, I don't believe for a second that he's ever dated Jessica Simpson or Carrie Underwood, it's all just 100% pure media bullshit.)

Oh, and uhm, let's go Giants. This year's 8-8 G-Men team is the worst playoff team EVER . . . and they still could beat the Eagles. In other words, the NFC both sucks AND blows. One last thing: Jeff Garcia = Jeff Hostetler. There. I said it.

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