Monday, January 8, 2007


The Giants' Tiki Barber can't shake off the Eagles' Brian Dawkins and Mike Patterson. (AP)Well, that's the end of that chapter.

But at least the Giants played hard against the Eagles last night, and didn't just shit out another playoff game like last year. Tiki played well (what will this team do without him?), Plaxico played great, Eli dug them out of a 1st and 30 hole to score that tying TD, and even an injured Shockey fought admirably. Of course, their defense is god-awful; they made Brian Westbrook (from? Villanova!) look like Gale Sayers. But imagine if they had played hard all year, then we'd have something! (Hmmm, getting the players motivated and on the same page . . . maybe COACHING was the problem? Perhaps A CHANGE SHOULD BE MADE?)

Oh well, I was looking forward to a Sunday afternoon NFL playoff drinkathon (since I have off Monday). I guess I could still do that, but it's not as fun (or cathartic) when I'm not yelling at the screen . . .

(And I didn't choose an "upset special" because I knew there wouldn't be one this weekend. And NY teams went 0-2, as I suspected.)

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