Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is it! Until he's finally fired as the Giants coach, I'm done talking about Tom Coughlin. I'm astonished how many people think it's the "right move" for the Giants to keep this ass-clown. This is a coach who:

* Doesn't have control of the team
* Doesn't have the players' respect
* Doesn't adjust his game plan, ever
* Acts like a lunatic on the sidelines after every call that doesn't go his team's way
* Allows his players say whatever they want to the media
* Allows his players to show each other up on the field
* Blames his players for poor execution
* Throws his coaching staff under the bus

Since Jim Fassel was hired, the players (headed by Strahan) have effectively run this team. Coughlin was hired as a "disciplinarian" to straighten out this ego-laden team, but he's clearly not capable of that; in fact, he can't even keep his own ego in check. It is solely his fault for having zero control over every aspect of this team, and he merely watches as they embarrass themselves and the franchise.

I also hear things like "he's not responsible for dropped passes, missed tackles, and bad penalties". Okay, he can't do much about the first two, but it's absoultely his fault if is team is so undisciplined as to constantly be flagged for late hit and false start penalties. Since there is very little difference in NFL talent from the best team to the worst, coaching means more than in any other sport. Coaching is the reason why Marty Schottenheimer teams never win in the playoffs, why Andy Reid can't quite win the big game, and why Bill Belichick consistently kicks your ass.

To say he deserves to stay because "they made the playoffs" is a weak argument. It's like saying, "That drunk pilot deserves to keep his license because he hasn't crashed a plane yet." Not only do Giants fans have to suffer this nonsense for another year, but potential GM candidates have passed on the Giants job because Tom will still be at the helm. They deserve to have another shitty season with him.

UPDATE: The Giants hired Jerry Reese as their new GM, whom I know zero about except that he was their previous "director of player personnel" (whatever that entails). This makes him the first black GM in the NFL, and I hope he ends up to be more than just a football footnote. This also makes him a friend of Coughlin's, which may mean it will be many years before he vacates the coaching position. What could it possibly take to get rid of Coughlin? A 3-13 season? In closing, please suck a bag of dicks, Mr. Coughlin.

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