Thursday, January 11, 2007


Wie shot a 8-over 43 on the front nine during the first round today at the Sony Open. I'm so sick of this! This child abuse has got to end. She needs someone to give her sound advice, like "How about you relax and win something on the LPGA first?" That's it, I'm going to Hawaii right now to slap her parents full in the mouth.

Why does Kentucky Fried Chicken use the song "Sweet Home Alabama" in their ads? That's like Boston Market using "New York, New York". They're both in the Northeast, right? Close enough!

Coach Coughlin will coach the Giants next year. On top of this, word is that several potential GMs are no longer interested in the job because Tom is sticking around, so they get screwed TWICE. I'm so sick of people being rewarded for incompetence. I am going to start looking around for a new team to root for--details coming soon.

I've been watching a lot of college basketball lately, and there is no way that OSU freshman Greg Oden is 18 years old. Also: look out for Wisconsin, Pitt and Appalachian State in the tournament in March. And of course, I'm rooting for the Wichita State Shockers! Villanova will be lucky to be a bubble team, I smell a first round loss in the 7-10 game. And Dick Vitale is still and irritating douche.

Poor Rory Fitzpatrick. When I checked the 2007 NHL All-Star Game voting totals on Monday, he was in 2nd place by a 100 votes, but now the NHL says he missed by 23,000 votes. How did that happen? Well, the official RORY FITZPATRICK CONSPIRACY THEORY MESSAGE BOARD broke it down (all those numbers made my head hurt) and seem to conclude that there were voting irregularites, and that there may be 100,000 votes missing! (I didn't know this, but apparently the forum goons at SA had a hand in starting this whole VOTE FOR RORY thing. Nice!)

I don't give a shit one way or another, since All-Star Games are fake anyway. But I do find it funny that ALLEGEDLY the NHL is going out of their way to fix the voting results, right after saying "VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!" Did they not forsee this possibility? Did they even ask how other sports handle online votes (like Why not just limit it to one vote per IP address. They are so badly mismanaged, it's not even funny. Someone hit Bettman over the fucking head with a bag of pucks.

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