Tuesday, January 2, 2007


It looks like I missed what might have been THE GREATEST BOWL GAME FINISH OF ALL TIME. Of course, this happens on the only night out of the LAST 12 THAT I COULDN'T STAY UP LATE; I went to sleep at halftime with Boise State leading Oklahoma 21-10, because I HAD TO WORK. But numerous people have told me that in last night's Fiesta Bowl, sometime after midnight Boise State made a miraculous hook-and-lateral play to tie Oklahoma in regulation, and then won it on a Statue of Liberty play 2 point conversion in OT, 43-42. I can understand one trick play winning a game, but TWO? And the second one coming on an all-or-nothing 2 point try in the first OT? The BSU coach might have a bigger set of stones than the Oregon State coach. (And it thrills me to no end to get to say "hook-and-lateral" and "Statue of Liberty" play in the same sentence. And I'm not going to take credit for it, but they obviously read my advice to the Giants coaching staff.)

Of course, I was asleep during all of this. But thank god for GooTube (even though it's only the final 2 minutes and OT, it's more than worth it). Just watch it, because words won't do it justice:

Holy crap. That's unpossible! Throw in any cliche you want, they all apply. That was outstanding.

On top of all this, the player who ran in that winning conversion even PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND afterwards. (What a rollercoaster ride for that guy: one moment he was on top of the world, and then . . . not so much.)

Of course, FOX had the game so I doubt ESPN will play it as an "Instant Classic" anytime soon. Maybe FOX Sports Net will do the right thing and refrain from a "BEST DAMN LIST" for a couple of hours and show the whole shebang, but I doubt it. Barring that, the next time it will be on will be 2014 in a bar somewhere, and we'll be saying, "Why are they showing this again? I can't remember what happened." Either way the BCS can take their bowl championship system and shove it, because Boise State clearly should be allowed to play for a National Championship. (Seriously, my "Final 8" bracket can work. Think about it.)

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