Wednesday, January 10, 2007


PIGSKIN PANTS PARTYFear my football guessing prowess! In the Deadspin Pants Party Pigskin Pick 'Em (love the alliteration), I finished tied for 36th out of 2512 entries, in the coveted 99.1 percentile. That's right, that's me ("Shut Up Strahan You DICK!"--man, there are some funny names on there) on the first page of the finalists, bitch! I got 161 correct out of a possible 256 (66%), while the group winner(s) got 172 (the overall winner got 178). I may not have been up against 2512 active particiPANTS, since usually a good portion of the them either forgot to make all their (non-spread) picks, played for a few weeks and then forgot about it, or both. But that doesn't make it any less impressive! And surely you, the reader of this blog, could not have done any better, what with all the underdogs winning this year. Oh sorry, I'll stop calling you Shirley.

However, one person we can call Shirley is ESPN Page 2's Bill Simmons. He routinely ridicules women for their inferior sports knowledge (among other things). Well, he decided to include his wife's football picks alongside his own this season, and it turns out that SHE BEAT HIM. In other words, he can also eat my pigskin! He is no match for my mighty blognosticative powers! So remember to think twice before taking gambling advice from some schmuck on some other sports website.

(BTW, I had OSU beating FLA 35-10. Glad I didn't blog that!)

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