Sunday, February 24, 2008


I should write something witty and LOLable, like Kammann would...but I won't...I'm covering the Don't You Hate Pants this week since Kammann just didn't show up...rumors of drinking during snowstorms or some bullshit.

Anyway, it's Sunday morning so my brain is officially in the "Off" position...I'm just posting a picture of Mlle Johansson for your viewing pleasure.

Oh and finally a GPS system that makes some sense...I don't fucking care where the nearest McDonald's is (except maybe to stay away) and I could care less that my gas is "Texaco" or "Mobil" brand...well except Citgo of course...commie motherfuckers. But let's say for a minute that you've driven to Cleveland, OH...who knows why...who fucking cares. But now you're in Cleveland with nothing to do...You could go see the Browns stadium, I guess, but you need to do something more worthwhile with your time. Introducing NUDAR, a company that basically turns your GPS unit into the "MILF Hunter." You're looking for a topless juice bar at lunch time? No problem...All Nude Girls? Ok! Barely legal? Gotcha covered. The best in local prostitution? Umm, there may be something illegal there...check with your lawyer.

Anyway, NUDAR is an add-on for your Garmin, TomTom or Magellan that will lead you to the nude or semi-nude joint of your choosing.

Anyway, [NUDAR (NSFW) via Jalopnik]


Jeff K said...

Wow, thanks for this. I'm so glad Scarlett hates her pants. I've already got the next one lined up for Friday.

I was playing with my parents new Garmin GPS while in Florida and really could have used NUDAR. Can you cross-reference it, like "strip clubs within 5 miles of a Waffle House"? If so, it's a must-buy.

I also found my current favorite porn name on the NUDAR blog link: FELONY FOREPLAY. That's brilliant.

Kris said...

"barely legal strip joints within walking distance to chuck-e-cheese" and the like would probably present some problems for the Nudar people... but that's just a guess.

Jeff K said...

You know, I made a funny joke, and you had to go and make it creepy. Thanks.

When does that "Scarlett Sings Waits" album come out? I heard she recorded it without pants. At least, that's what I'll choose to hear.