Thursday, February 14, 2008


It was a beautiful day for golf--in south Florida anyway. If I can find an interwebs connection above 24K I'll post something for real.

UPDATE (11:47 PM): Okay, I'm connected at 26.4K right now which is technically "faster", even though my cell phone's browser blows this away. It just shows you how far we've come in a decade, though I'm not sure it's "progress".

Welcome to the HEART OF JEFFUARY, which I've named because we're halfway through the month and it's my birthday (thanks for the birthday wishes, you know who you are). Oh, and it's also that annoying, lovey-dovey, buy-chocolate-and-jewerly-for-no-reason Hallmark holiday.

Most importantly, after my round of golf I found a place nearby that has a great beer selection, because I needed a quality brew to have with my birthday steak. After much deliberation I picked up a 500 mL bottle of Schneider Aventinus, "Germany's Original Wheat-Doppelbock Ale". It's a fantastic 8.2% ABV malty concoction with both fruity cherry and chocolatey notes, and it singlehandedly blows away any crap candy you might have gotten for V-Day.

So I had a fantastic HEART OF JEFFUARY, and I hope you did too.

(P.S. This is blog post #666, which may or may not be a good omen.)

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