Thursday, February 28, 2008


2 shots as a Sabre, 2 goals as a Sabre. While logging over 15 minutes of ice time, Bernier had 3 points for his new team and the Sabres' faithful were heard saying "Brian-who?" and "Man, Darcy sure is smart."

I don't/didn't know Bernier and when I first heard of the trade I was thinking, what the fuck do the Sabres need another young forward for, but with Maxim-for-men having a groin and playing like shit when he is on the ice, Connelly's brain having the elasticity of a super ball and all the other nagging injuries, I guess it's ok...Plus Bernier is young and big....He makes Derrick Roy look like a fucking midget in this picture. He also stood up for that midget apparently against goon Jortin Tootoo (jeff- is he on your list of girliest names?).

Yeah, Campbell was a good fit for the Sabres. He was fast, he was mobile, he wasn't afraid to shoot...but he did make his fair share of what-the-fuck-is-he-thinking moves...Trying spin-o-rama's on the penalty kill and other bullshit moves like that. I hate to see a good player go (and he was a good player), but at least, as opposed to Danielle and Chrissy, the Sabres got something for him.

I do have to say though, I feel bad for Bernier. He lived in San Jose in the winter...He probably could ride his bike to work wearing shorts. Try that in Buffalo. Oh and try going to the beach in March...I hear Lake Erie isn't completely frozen.

Don't worry, I'm not going to be one of those people who start saying that Bernier is great and that Campbell has always sucked. Campbell is a better player than Bernier, no doubt, but this was a good move by the Sabres because they weren't going to pay Campbell $6+ million over 5 years or whatever he thinks he warrants and they needed to be able to get something for him. If Bernier does turn into a 1st line winger with Vanek and Roy...that's great. But I'm not one of those asshole fans who immediately start talking about how their recently-traded Allstar is actually crap and the the 4th line winger that they acquired is AWESOME!

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Jeff K said...

Yeah, that's nice. But how about Brad Richards' first night for Dallas: 5 assists, and a hat trick for his linemate Niklas "Larry" Hagman. Egads!