Thursday, February 28, 2008


Update: Since this happened in 2007 he can't win the 2008 Darwin Award, but we can give him an honorable mention.

This is fucking brilliant:

A 39-year old New Zealand man died in a head on collision back in July. This isn't, by itself, newsworthy. What is, however, is that he was wearing a "fake seatbelt" to trick the police into thinking that he was wearing a real one because he had been stopped and fined 32 times for not wearing his seatbelt.

Of course the coroner determined that if he had been wearing his seat-belt, he would've lived. But my question is, wasn't the effort of making fake seatbelt setup and putting the fake belt on every time as much work as wearing a seatbelt would have been.

I understand that he didn't like wearing one, but real rebels don't fake it. Did Rosa Parks wear white face paint? Did Martin Luther kind of mutter a few sentences under his breath? Did Billy Joel care what the public thought when he wrote that freak-out song "Uptown Girl?" No damnit, these heroes did what they thought was right, not caring what The Man thought.

Screw those 32 fines. He should have put a big sign on his car saying "Fuck you pig, I don't wear a seatbelt and I'm loving it." Then his life would've been worth something.

Anyway R.I.P. Ivan obviously went out as you lived, in a blaze of idiocy.


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