Friday, February 1, 2008


First, we have to use HYPER-MATCH 101010 to avoid the wrath of Roger Goodell's goon squads, then we have to deal with the league's Fortnight of Jackassery, and now, we can't watch the Hyper-Match on any TV that is bigger than 55 inches. I'm not fucking kidding. While Bettman (obviously) sucks and I highly doubt the NHL has problems with Stanley Cup Finals Parties, this crackdown on churches showing the "big game" is just fucking Bettmanesque.

I'll just summarize really quick for those of you too lazy to click through: Some churches have used the "Big Game" (their words because the League has previously cracked down on "Super Bowl"©®™ Party) as a way to reach out to some people who would not normally find themselves in such an establishment. Additionally, it was a way for parishioners to get together and have fun. The League of all things Football on a National-level didn't like the fact that this was driving ratings down (200 people watching TV in one room does horrible things to Nielsen ratings). Easy enough...Threaten to sue for copyright violation (of course). It's simple as the league's spokesasshole says: "We have no objection to churches and others hosting Super Bowl parties as long as they . . . show the game on a television of the type commonly used at home" (which they define as 55"). I understand, it's not like these TV's are that easy to get your hands on. Hell, you'd basically need to know a black market Russian importer to do this. You can however have 40 TVs that are 55" - that's no problem, but one TV that's 56" - you're going to jail, you bible-thumping motherfucker.
If you've recently bought a 60" screen, and you're planning on watching the HYPER-MATCH 101010, Roger Goodell's "Executive Assistant," Bruno, would like a word with you in the alley behind Bourbon Street in the next 5 minutes.

Now I can be a big critic of churches. Never really had much of a use for them myself and I find a lot to dislike, but most church-going folk mean well and I'm sure that the large majority of these parties are without [much] ulterior motives. Sure they want people to come back on Sunday, but this isn't about that - bars showing the game have a much bigger vested interest than the churches. The fact that these churches are "violating copyright law" by offering free admission, free food, not requesting donations and not evangelizing because they decide to show the HYPER-MATCH on a bigger than 55" screen or [god forbid] a projector is just idiotic.

FUCK THE NFL©®™ - the royal twunts that they are.

The League is being threatened with a lawsuit by a civil liberties group.

[WaPo, NFL Pulls Plug on Big-Screen Church Parties for Super Bowl]

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