Thursday, May 8, 2008


After spending way too much time (yes, it is possible) in a strip club over the weekend, I have a new sense of appreciation for the natural female form. Keeley Hazell, who gained notoriety as a 'Page 3' girl in England's The Sun, is one such "natural" woman, if you know what I'm saying. I hope this illustration helps:

Google image searches of her are not only among the LEAST SAFE FOR WORK, they also confirm her all-consuming hatred for pants.

Since she's overtly flaunting her assets in every photo ever taken of her, it's possible she merely harbors distrust or apathy towards pants. However, she doesn't seem to hate shirts that are at least 3 sizes too small for her. Whatever the case may be, it's landed her at #13 on the 2008 AskMen Top 99 internet spank-fodder list.

Keeley Hazell [Official Site]

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