Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I didn't live blog this yesterday, but I was live-emailing updates to the US. You'll find a cleaned up version below.

5:06pm KS: I may be able to watch it in Slovakian...that should be fun!

9:27pm KS: Well it looks like I'm going to get the USA/Canada game in Danish...mmmm Danish.
Who knew that Denmark was a hotbed of hockey activity?
9:29pm RV: I hear Copehagen is just one giant hot bed
9:33pm KS: Good news. I"ve got the english-language broadcast from some random Chinese TV station!
The refs in IIHF hockey have ads on their looks stupid as hell
9:35pm RV: The ads should be for optometrists and seeing eye dogs and stuff like that
9:48 KS: C. M. [Brent] Burns scores on grandpa Thomas to put the Canucks ahead early!
9:49 RV: Al Lewis in in goal for the US?
9:52 KS: Hard to tell, he's got a big mask on.
I actually thought Tim Thomas was much older than 34, based on people's comments during the BOS/MON series.
Why isn't Miller playing? Anyone know? It's not like he's been busy for the last 3 weeks
10:02 KS: Dany Heatley makes it 2-0 with his 5th goal. 10 seconds left in the period
10:05 JK: The Heatley is ON!
He scored 5 goals, but only got credit for 2? Or do goals count for 2.5 points in the IIHF?
10:22 KS: Wow! Toews just Toed the line...3-0 20 seconds into the second.
ok, I suck at those...
WHOA! Parise from Pominville makes it 3-1, still under 1 minute into the 2nd.
10:24 KS: International hockey could grow on me, I think...
[ not in use for a Derek Roy goal, 4-2, then Parise to Brown 4-3, then Kane to Pominville 4-4]
11:41 KS: Pominville tied it up at 4.
2:30 left in the game
11:46 KS: FUCK! Heatley just scored with 46 seconds left
shit. I thought the US was going to pull this one off
11:47 KS: Mad dash by the US, Penalty Delay of game Roy
11:48 KS: 6-on-4 [US goalie pulled]. 10 seconds, canada clears! wow!

Final 5-4 Canada on some Heatley heroics.

I honestly thought the US was going to pull this off. I like this young US squad. I haven't seen a lot of these guys play, but they've got these speedy young guys in Kane and Pominville and Parise. Dustin Brown (from lovely Ithaca, NY) had some real nice moves too. Nothing against Canada, they played great hockey, but it's nice to see a US-national that does something other than lose and trash hotel rooms.


Jeff K said...

Heatley, really stepping up when it counts: All-Star Games and IIHF.

Not sure why Miller wouldn't play, but Brodeur also declined to join the Canada team too, so I guess it's a personal thing. Now I know why the Habs lost: the Kostitsyn brothers really needed to help Belarus!

I'm pissed that I have 74 sports networks and none of them decided to show it here in the States. By the time I got home and attempted to watch it online (TSN is of course blocked outside of Canada), it was pretty much over. (And fuck off Microsoft, I will not be installing Silverlight.)

Greg W! already pointed this out: USA vs. Canada: So huge that U.S. TV will completely ignore it

Why do they have this thing during the Stanley Cup playoffs anyway? I'd like to know who made that excellent decision.

Let's face it: the Canadian team is loaded. While the US team is mainly a bunch of youngsters (except Halpern and Thomas), Canada's got a crapload of NHL ringers (Getzlaf, Spezza, Nash, St. Louis, Eric Staal, Roy, Heatley, Jovanovski). If they DON'T win, it'd be a shocker. Although Sweden is pretty damn good, especially now that King Henrik has joined the fold.

Jeff K said...

Greg W! mentioned this morning about the fighting at the end of this contest. I'm surprised you didn't include that, since you did mention it to me while it was happening:

11:50 KS: 10 seconds
game over
and now the sticks come up
no love lost between the US and Canada
that was a great game
wish the US won, but still a great game
11:51 JK: hopefully Parise takes out someone's teeth

They should make this a 7 game series.

Someone still has to explain to me why this wasn't picked up by any sports network in the States, and why it's on during the Cup playoffs . . .

Kris said...

Thanks. I don't record my gchat's so I didn't have a record of the last 30 seconds of the game. I summarized the Roy penalty and the end of the game by memory, but I completely forgot that I mentioned the scrum that was formed over in the corner after the final horn.

The thing was that right after the horn sounded, there was that bit of tomfoolery, in the middle of it all the random Chinese TV station decided to switch to random Chinese programming and I logged off.

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