Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There's something about the Fathead, those giant lifesize wall hangings, that is intriguing. It is simultaneously the ultimate way to declare your fandom and a hideous interior decorating choice. The Steelers' Big Ben was the initial "spokes"person for this idea, and his subsequent championship helped boost sales and put the company on the map. Additionally, his helmetless motorcycle accident proved his head is fatter than most.

If you must decorate your abode (or office, though I can't imagine any corporate environment allows this) with a massive sports figure or logo, and assuming you already own Homer Says, why not choose the NHL?

Though Kris does not agree (he probably wants Maxim "For Men" Afinogenov, which is sadly not available) how great would it be to have Sidney Christ, the Hockey Jesus, staring down at you giving you guidance and warmth throughout all of your days?


You can even get Sid The Kid, way back in his pre-Messianic days in 2005, or Year 1 A.C. (After Crosby).

As always Rob had a much better idea: Maria Sharapova.


Hey, watch the coffee table! Though I would have chosen one of her many bikini shots (are these things stain resistant?), this easily beats his idea of getting Tiki Barber a few years ago (do they have an updated one with him wearing an NBC Today Show blazer on it?).

However, this one I don't understand: The Stanley Cup. It's not a team or an athlete, so what are you rooting for exactly? The Cup itself? If so, you win every year!

Of course, this one rules them all:

Gary Bettman: the Ultimate NHL Fathead.

This just in: Bettman sucks.

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