Thursday, September 7, 2006


GBTO: God bless the Onion. They really went to town on A-Rod today.

Post-Game Comments Reveal A-Rod Unsure Whether Yankees Won Or Lost
A-Rod Has Some Creative Input On Baseball-Card Photo
A-Rod: 'I Hate Being A New York Yankee'
Alex Rodriguez Placed On Emotionally Disabled List
Sportsgraphic: A-Rod's Career Highlights
The Media: Are They Ganging Up On A-Rod?

Sept. 9, 1984: In preparation for becoming a future baseball star, 9-year-old Alex Rodriguez spends all day practicing his fielding of grounders, pop-ups, and reporters' questions.

Dammit, that's funny stuff.

I guess they planned this simultaneous deluge of A-Rod jokes to emulate how asinine and harsh the real media is towards him. Personally, the more the press and Yankee fans get on A-Rod, the more I like the guy. He goes out and plays hard every day and wants to win a championship, and as a bonus he actually CARES about what you think about him. The fact that he's the most maligned and harassed player in baseball, while SF fans still unconditionally love Bonds, illustrates everything that's wrong with this sport, and pro sports in general.

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