Friday, September 1, 2006


I don't ever blog about tennis, but last night I tuned in to watch the about-to-retire Andre Agassi play last night at the U.S. Open, in what could have been his final match (a fantastic 5 set/nearly 4 hour match he barely won to stay alive). Anyway, as he was about to win the second set, the always racuous Flushing crowd at the Arthur Ashe Stadium was DOING THE FREAKING WAVE. I happened to tune in just at that moment, and I was like, "What? Why? Oh come on." They had to stop the match until they calmed down. Seriously.

Okay, yes, I understand the 23,000 people in that hugenormous stadium was excited to be part of Agassi's "retirement party". There's something to be said for showing enthusiasm and support. But this isn't an Aerosmith concert at Jones Beach, you morons, this is a TENNIS MATCH at a MAJOR TOURNAMENT, and these two guys have smacked countless fuzzy green balls all over the world to just get there, so show a modicum of respect, if that's possible. It's like people don't know how to behave at sporting events anymore (or in public in general), between throwing crap onto the green at a golf tournament, booing your MVP superstar player at a ballgame, or cursing up a storm in front of 8 year olds. Enough already.

While we're at it, do we really need John McEnroe interviewing the players in front of the whole audience, with the microphone piped through the stadium PA? He's like the most annoying sideline reporter, minus the time limit.

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