Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's about goddamn time. After suffering through 16 straight years of the Braves winning the division, the New York Mets clinch it for the first time since 1988. So for a change, we'll get to watch postseason games at SOLD OUT STADIUMS.

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There are only three things I'm worried about with this team going into the postseason: 1) their pitching, 2) their pitching, and 3) their pitching. But enough of my negativity, the Mets won the damn division.

UPDATE: Paul LoDuca was so excited he dropped an f-bomb:

One question: who decided Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care of Business" was the official song? GET TO THE WORKIN' OVERTIME PART!

UPDATE (9/20, 10:00 AM): Deadspin linked to YouTube video of Julie Donaldson of the SNY TV metwork getting doused with champagne (and beer, which Scott pointed out to me, and we found odd) during the Mets locker room celebration the other night. Yeah, that was definitely staged so they could get the WHOLE THING on camera, which you won't find me complaining about. I had to reference their posting, because some of the comments, like the one below, had me laughing (and cringing at the same time):

"When the Yankees clinch they should pour lighter fluid on Suzyn Waldman and light her on fire."

Also, here's a clip of Lastings Milledge enjoying his first drink. Yeah sure. He turned 21 in April, so I'd say he's known the taste of alcohol for several years at least.

Those f***ing freaking Mets!

She Handled It Considerably Better Than McCarver [Deadspin]
Julie Donaldson getting doused [YouTube]
LoDuca's F-Bomb [YouTube]
Lastings Milledge's first drink [YouTube]

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