Friday, June 30, 2006

Best Summer Brew - Contest Closed

Jeff and I have decided to start tasting a number of beer in an attempt to find the "perfect summer brew." As you can see, two reviews have already been posted and we both have fridges full of possible contenders. In true Simpsons style, we had foreseen our reviews on the "10-thumbs" scale. Jeff's going for more American beers and the stuff that he can find over there. Being that "American beer" in France consists solely of a couple of terrible Anheuser-Busch products (which as irony would have it, is brewed in the EU for free-trade purposes), I was planning on focusing on the Belgian, German, and European markets in general - I have something from Poland waiting to be tasted right now. Anyway, up to this point the beers are all fairly unknown stuff, but I realized this morning that we made a mistake. Why go out of our ways to find beer stores, then go to said beer stores to try to find a unique summer beer when the whole time the obvious winner has be sitting in front of us. That's right, the coldest tasting beer has introduced the "Cold Wrap." Not only does it taste cold, but that cold cold taste is now protected from contact with your sweaty palms as you chat up that blonde that is waaay out of your league.

Without even tasting this beer, I know, based on the marketing budget that the Coors Brewing Company has, that Coors Light with OUTLAST® TECHNOLOGY (for fuck's sake, it has "technology," name another beer that has that) is undoubtably the best beer for summer. Sorry, Jeff, I'm going to have to declare a winner already - don't waste your time (and money) tasting some crap that is brewed from hippy sweat in some barn in Vermont. I think we can all admit that any beer company that has the computer programming savy to add a Flash "Refresh-o-meter"to their website KNOWS how to make a beer.

I'm going to just go ahead and pour out these other beers that I have. It's not even worth the trouble. I've got to run (not walk) to my local supermarket now and pick up some of this fine, fine product. Happy summer everyone and if you have one brain cell left, you'll be enjoying it with a Frost Brew(TM) Liner Can or a Cold Wrap® Label Bottle.