Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Two days ago, I had already earmarked this video to be posted on Friday. But after seeing a Today Show feature on YouTube this morning, featuring a guffawing Al Roker, I suddenly lost all interest. Something about morning shows that suck the fun out of everything. Well, the mainstream media has finally found YouTube, hooray for them. Why don't they stick to puff pieces about bears falling out of trees, and Britney Spears being a dumb skank, and leave the Interwebs alone? BTW, the blocky Flash animation looked FANTASTIC on my HDTV, you network nitwits.

Although my thunder has already been stolen, here's William Shatner performing "Rocket Man", from some 1978 SciFi awards show. This was BEFORE he was in on the joke.

Yes, this is the same man has won TWO Emmys.

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Kris said...

Dear god, I couldn't finish it...