Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The party's almost over, it's time to turn off the electric. Although they came out shooting, the Oilers were unable to break through and beat rookie Cam "Shaft" Ward and the Hurricanes last night, losing 2-1. The youngster looked stellar last night against an inspired Edmonton squad, giving his team a 3-1 series lead as they try to finish it off in Raleigh.

The NBC-HD broadcast was fantastic the past two days, by the way (so I hope you enjoyed watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" instead), with Doc Emrick and JD doing a solid job, the audio/video pretty damn good, and the Edmonton fans once again doing a bang up job singing 'O Canada'. It's a shame they don't have enough firepower to beat Carolina.

I realized when they were interviewing him last night that Rod Bit-o-luv looks a little like the late Jim "Ernest P. Worrell" Varney, which fits in with the whole Redneck Hockey motif:

Varney and Bit-o-Luv

(You be the judge.)

Hey Vern! I just won the Conn Smythe!

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