Thursday, June 8, 2006


The World Cup is upon us, and I couldn't be more excitedly apathetic! This nifty Excel spreadsheet that keeps track of standings and points illustrates how the rest of the world is alot more into this soccer thing than I am.

Forget iTunes. If you're looking for some hot, buttered music, look no further than the Waffle House Music Machine. After listening to a few of these, you'll think of 844,739 to claw your ears out.

If you wondered what would happen if you combined 200 liters of Diet Coke and 500 Mentos, look no further. I like the lab coats, it makes them look like actual scienticians.

Okay, forget about those other ones. This is a good link: Keepvid allows you to take those YouTube videos and save them (in theory; I haven't gotten it to work).

Since the show is in summer hiatus, we've been reduced to discussing the fonts used on ABC's LOST. FONTS! Come on people, get a life. You! Have you ever kissed a girl?

Yeah, I'm tired of Tpo Whatever Lists, too (remind me to make a Top Ten Top Ten Lists sometime), but you have to love the Onion AV Club's Top 13 Memorably Unpopular Characters From Popular TV. Why not mention EVERY character on The Sopranos, since there's not a likable protagonist on the whole show? And Ashton Kutcher's Kelso from "That 70s Show" should be on there (and trust me: someday, he will). Oh, let's not forget the little kid from Family Ties.

Jason Grimsley is a HGH hound, hence the 4.76 career ERA, and he doesn't care who knows it. However, right around Page 12, he starts wildly naming other players' names, except that they're all blacked out on this affidavit. Here are my best guesses: Jeff Kent, Albert Belle, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Mo Vaughn, Albert Pujols, John Kruk, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mighty Mouse. I hate MLB for the fact that I have to make up my own names to find out who is a filthy cheater. Is there any wonder I've stopped watching baseball?

UPDATE (8:54 PM): I've been trying to post this all day, but BLOGGER has been having issues. Anyway, the name "Albert Pujols" has been thrown around in conjunction with this HGH story. I've had it with these assholes lying to me, and I'm done with baseball. Bring on the golf!

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