Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Understatement of the Day, from the Great White North's Sens need to play better in Buffalo. No shit, Sawchuk! Since they're down 2 games to zip, I'm going out on a limb and saying they have to get at least 1 win in the next 2 games. This astute observation ranks up there with: "Spilling hot coffee in your crotch may be painful" and "Most of the rest of the world hates the USA". Karl said that ESPN should have a headline: Devils Need To Not Suck. Indeed, because with Carolina up 2 games to nothing and Brind'Amour still unbearably ugly, if they lose tonight it's pretty much over.

* * *

Discussing the relative merits of jury duty with Bookless over coffee today, I couldn't bring myself to argue against it; when we came to the conclusion that it would actually be a refreshing break from work, we realized that it's probably time to find new jobs.

* * *

Most overused phrase: "Since 9/11 . . . " Yes, I understand that a lot has changed, but please stop using it as a magic dividing line for completely unrelated topics. For instance, I read somewhere "after 9/11, teenage drinking in NYC went up 11%". So what? Was it going up anyway? I'm going to say probably, since you didn't provide any other data, or compare it to a national number for comparison. Is there a direct cause/effect here? I'm going to guess that you can't prove it.

Soon we'll be saying stuff like, "Since 9/11, traffic on the Tappan Zee has been horrendous", "Since 9/11, Drew Bledsoe's pass completion percentage has been way down", or "Since 9/11, you just can't get a good turkey sandwich".

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