Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This is a new blog topic that will chronicle those brief, fleeting moments when you actually enjoy life (which means this will probably be the first and only post of its kind). While on the golf course with Rob on Sunday, each of us with cigars and beers in hand, he said, "Every once in a while, I'm actually thankful for being born." Or something to that effect. He attributed the quote to Krusty the Klown, remind me to Google that one to get it right. Anyway, I had to agree with the sentiment.

The name for this particular topic is a reference to a brief respite from the awful music that was playing in Bourbon Street after our round the other day. One of the bartenders switched the satellite radio to a thrash metal station, and although it only lasted for one minute, because it was lumped between Dan Fogelfuckingberg and The Gratefulfuckingdead it was quite enjoyable. It's all in the context.

Another "one minute of thrash" I had recently: while driving on a back road on the way to Nyack, a car coming out of a side street made a sudden right turn and merged into traffic 2 cars ahead of me, just barely squeezing into the opening between two cars, nearly hitting the car he cut off. A total dick move. Luckily, the car behind the car he nearly hit was an unmarked police car, who pulled him over immediately. You have to love that, because you see these moves every day and no one ever gets a ticket for it.

If you have one of those moments, no matter how lame, feel free to comment.

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