Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Sabres are going home with the series tied up 1-1, after a 4-3 loss in Carolina (a goal with 2.7 seconds left makes it appear closer than it was). I thought I'd take this opportunity to post some various audio clips of the voice of the Sabres, Rick Jeanneret.

Someone calling himself "The Irish Trojan" posted a number of RJ sound clips on his blog (look for the "audioblog.com" players):
From the highlights of the deciding Game 5 vs. the Senators, you get his famous "top shelf where mama hides the cookies" line to start off. And to end it (fast forward to 2:36 in), be sure to check out his "scary good" call after Pomenville's winning SH goal. (All the goals can be found in mp3 form here.)
Here's his call of the 18 second OT in Game 1 vs. the Sens.
This post has two clips on it: the Brad May game, and the quadruple OT Game 6 vs. NJ in 1994. There are also several articles on there, and it brings back memories. Of course, the Devils wound up winning Game 7. Sorry about that (ha ha).

(Previously, I had erroneously thought the "hides the cookies" line was from Penguins' announcer Mike Lange. Of course, he's penned several good lines himself, including "Scratch my back with a hacksaw!", "Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game's ready to roll!", and this year's "Oh slap me silly, Sidney!")

Anyway, good stuff. I'm so used to the local guys (Doc Emrick, John Davidson, Sam Rosen, and the like), that I don't get to hear the other guys too much, and it's quite enjoyable.

If you're unable to enjoy the Sabres games (like if you're in France, or somewhere silly like that), the Bfloblog is always a good site to visit.


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