Monday, May 29, 2006


The Pink Stink Killer, for eliminating your hockey bag odors. Not to be confused with Summer's Eve.

Finally, they've combined baseball and sudoku into this: Scoreboard Suduko. It basically makes you hate both games at once.

This is funny: a live re-enactment of Super Mario Bros. (level 1 of the original Nintendo game, in case you didn't know). I can't even imagine how much time they spent on this instead of studying for class.


Josh said...

What?!? Makes you hate both games? Would you like me to make up a hockey related puzzle?

Jeff K said...

Hey Josh, don't take it personally, it was just a joke. I don't understand how sudoku became such a big deal, and since I've grown to hate baseball, I was merely making an admittedly snarky comment about your puzzle that combines the two.

Since baseball is a pure numbers game (sadly, the biggest numbers don't count anymore--thanks, Bonds!), I suppose it meshes well with sudoku. But the statement "not all of the blocks will be filled in" gives me a headache, because I thought the idea was to fill the grid. Okay, I'm a crossword puzzle guy, so maybe that's my problem.

Anyway, I like a lot of the stuff you have linked on your site. Good work.

Josh said...

Thanks, Jeff. I didn't take it too personally, I just wanted to respond in some way.