Sunday, May 14, 2006


For all you mothers out there, here's Derek Jeter using a pink bat.

Jeter in the pink

I think I heard Ralph Kiner once say: "Jeter is benefiting from a new rule. Back in nineteen-aught-seven, the umpire could call you out just because he thought you were gay."

As far as I know, only Bill Hall of the Brewers hit a HR with the pink sticks (a walk-off, no less).

UPDATE: Of course, the mighty Deadspin was on top of the pink bat stats, stating that not only did Mark Kotsay also have a pink-bat HR (PBHR), but Randy Johnson gave up the most pink-bat-hits (PBH), as the players from the A's with the pinkies went 3-for-4 against him.

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