Monday, May 15, 2006


These two pictures sum it up, as the Sabres move on to play the Hurricanes, and the Devils go home (great, now the northern NJ golf courses are going to be PACKED).

Sabres ecstasyDevils agony

Oh, and more evidence that this country is retarded: San Jose fans booed the Canadian national anthem. Good job, idiots. This article about the NHL's continuing problems, namely judging their success based on ratings (and you know the media is going to attack when this small market Stanley Cup finals gets the worst Nielsen ratings since 1955), and catering to fans who didn't grow up with the sport (in fair weather towns in the South) instead of the die hard fans, is spot on.

* * *

I was in southern New Hampshire this weekend, where it rained for 48 straight hours. I'm not talking about "a shower here or there" or "light drizzle" either; this was ridiculous, Biblical, Ark-building type rain. They got 10" of rain (and counting) where my sister lives, and they are supposed to get another 1-2" through tonight. Unreal. Luckily, although every river and stream was out of its banks and countless roads were closed, they weren't really affected by the flooding.

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