Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Oops for OttawaWow! I'm shocked by the Sabres winning two in Ottawa; I thought at best they'd get a split, but they got it done last night. In a Game 2 that more closely resembled hockey on Planet Earth, Miller looked great (from the highlights), and made one stop between his pads with the puck inches from a goal to seal it. Yeah, Connelly may have been made into Umberger, but they got Hecht back, who promptly scored a pretty goal. Like I said, Ottawa always looks invicible . . . until the playoffs. Meet the new NHL, same as the old NHL.

To sweep another team, everything has to fall just right, and you get a few lucky bounces along the way. After a dominant performance against the Rangers, everything is suddenly going wrong now for the Devils. Game 1 featured the first two goals bouncing in off of skates and sticks, and then a complete collapse on the PK by the whole team. They played better in Game 2 last night, taking the body every and often, but got badly outshot in the 2nd and 3rd, and it was only a matter of time before Carolina broke through . . . but what a crappy way to lose. After Gomez scored the go-ahead goal on a deflection with 20.7 seconds to go, they gave up the tying goal with 3 seconds left, and ended up blowing it on an OT goal that went in off the shooter's skate (or so I'm told, I couldn't watch it). Ugh. Well, if they don't turn it around at home, there's always golf!

I wonder what color commentator Glenn "Chico"/"Pride of Moose Jaw" Resch does during the games that Doc Emrick and John Davidson are chosen to work a Devils game. I picture him watching the game in his den, drinking from a bottle of Canadian Club and screaming at the screen: "I was between the pipes for this fucking team, why didn't they ask me? You call that color? I can run circles around you, JD! How many NHL wins do you have, fat boy? How many Bill Masterson Trophies do you have, eh? 'Oh, baby' my ass!" Okay, that's probably not accurate. He's probably drinking Crown Royal.

* * *

I had to make a joke about this: the Yankees have Mini Balls! According to the commercial, it's the most sought after collectible ever. Ever. In the history of modern civilization. When we say EVER, we mean EVER, without hyperbole. Even more sought after than a Babe Ruth game-worn jock strap, dinosaur DNA, and Hitler's skull. You are going to be regretting the fact that you passed on the Carl Pavano Mini Balls for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. ForEVER.

* * *

Speaking of, I found 7 good golf balls near the road while riding my bike past Dellwood Country Club, right near my house. With mostly Titleists in the mix (including 2 Pro V1x's), I probably made about $15-20, which is more than enough incentive for me to ride my bike more often. It turns out that 3 out of 4 rich duffers prefer Titleist.

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