Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The Buffalo Sabres have forced a Game 7, beating the Hurricanes 2-1 on a Briere OT goal that clipped Cam Ward's glove and rolled down his back into the goal, 4:22 into the extra period. After a stellar first period, they let the foot off the gas in the 3rd, trying to make the 1 goal stand and treating it like a 20 minute penalty kill. Big mistake. With about 4 minutes left, I even said out aloud to myself that Carolina was going to score, and they did. But luckily for the Sabres, Briere bailed them out.

So now we're goin' back to Raleigh, where there is currently a huge chewing tobacco shortage brought on by sudden, unprecedented interest in Carolina hockey games. As they say down there, judging by the out of state plates, we must have a sell out. Ironically, the 2006 hurricane season starts on Thursday, June 1 . . . will it also be the end of the Hurricanes' season? Stay tuned!

(Game 7 had better be in HD, instead of a taped rugby match and a Reds game, which is what was on tonight. So far, signs point to yes.)

Meanwhile, it's frigging crazy on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, as they quickly drain the beer supply while waiting to play the Eastern Champion on Monday night.

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