Thursday, April 10, 2008


I don't know how knows that I'm a Sabres fan, but they do (it's not like I keep it a secret)...And they want me to remember that my team sucks just like all those other sucky teams.

For one day only, you too can save 25% off all merchandise for the shit-teams of the league. Buy your Sundin jersey now (or a Bryan McCabe puck). How about a Vinny Lecavalier All-Star 2008 T-Shirt. 25% off, FOR ONE DAY ONLY!


Jeff K said...

If my team loses in the first round, do I get a discount?

Kris said...

Maybe you can still get a Scott Gomez 2006-2007 Devils jersey for 15% off. You'll have to wait until the week after a series loss before you get the "It was a great season" email.

Ashley said...

haha oh my gosh I hadn't seen this..It's almost like a slap in the face from 'Your Friends at NHL'

Kris said...

Of course you hadn't seen it: You're a Pens fan; the league doesn't hate you.

This is why every blog needs a Sabres fan, to remind them that it could be worse. Of course for me it'd be nice if we could pick up a contributor who was a Tampa or Phoenix fan...Yeah. Then I'd feel better in a Nelson Muntz "haha" way.