Friday, April 25, 2008


MONTREAL, CANADA- APRIL 24: Tom Kostopoulos #6 of the Montreal Canadiens jumps into the arms of teammate Michael Komisarek #8 after scoring the game winning goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on April 24, 2008 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in overtime. (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)The most exciting finish of the playoffs so far . . . wasn't even on TV in the States (unless you live in Philly). Kovalev, who excels everywhere but in NYC, scored a game-tying PP goal with :29 remaining, and Montréal went on to win 4-3 in OT in Game 1 vs. the Philthy Lyers.

I could go on a rant here about the crappy Bettman-authorized TV deals ('exclusive' broadcasts and 'pay per view' at a time when poor ratings should force the league to make playoff games available for free???), but let's just say I'm pissed that I had to witness the end of this game on a low quality online streaming feed. Yes, I refuse to pay $169 for non-HD hockey (some Canadians fork over $13 for single PPV games and $20 for HD, which is beyond absurd).

As for the game's outcome is crying foul, but did they already forget the incidental goalie interference against Huet in Game 7 that got them here? That was only 3 days ago! I mean, I forget what I had for breakfast (toast? cereal? coffee, definitely) but I'm not a paid sports journalist. Anyway, shut the hell up, you're lucky to still be skating.

In positive Philly news, the Philadelphia Phantoms beat the Albany River Rats 3-2 in 5 OT last night. Here are the stats:

  • The total game time was 142 minutes, 58 seconds (longest in AHL history), with the winning goal coming at 2:58 of the 5th overtime.

  • The game took 5 hours 38 minutes to complete, ending at 12:39 A.M.

  • Albany goalie Michael Leighton stopped 98 of 101 shots (both are AHL records).

  • Total shots on goal for both teams was 168 (Philly 101, Albany 67).
98 saves and he lost? Wow, that stinks.

Meanwhile, Detroit seemed to score on every early shot (and hit the post when it didn't go in) chasing Theodore out of the game (4 goals on 16 shots), en route to a 4-3 win vs. the Avs. Rob commented about the statement "Colorado center Peter Forsberg did not play because of a groin injury": "Can you believe it, the Times put this old story in TODAY'S paper! Come on! This is from, like, 5 years ago!" Ha ha, that's rich! Must be a typo because I'm pretty sure Floppa retired and owns a Volvo dealership in Örnsköldsvik . . .

Tonight: Avery Avery Avery Avery Sid, Sid Sid Avery Avery Avery Sid Sid Sid! Avery? Sid! (I am so fucking sick of the sports media.)

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