Saturday, April 19, 2008


My newly-wall-mounted SORNY played host to the showing of Game 5 as the Komrades defeated the Lyers to send the series to a sixth game.

The craptacular duo of Pierre MacGuire and Mike Milbury suck as much as always and the streaming video left some to be desired (I lost the puck multiple times due to the pixelization), but the game was live and I managed to watch it on the TV...It was almost like old times, watching live hockey in the states.

Yes, those cables will be gone sooner or later. As with everything in my house, it won't be easy because I have to drill through the wall, then the a layer of sheetrock, a layer of fiberglass insulation and a thick piece of wood, but it'll be awesome once I have shelves build and the cables hidden.


Jeff K said...

Nice. However I think Gary Bettman has started an investigation into this and will be fining you for watching NHL hockey in France. It's so illegal and wrong I don't know where to begin.

Kris said...

For all Bettman [sucks] knows, I paid ESPN to watch the game on ESPN 360

Yeah...OR something.