Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm not sure if this really counts as a "brawl." It's more like some scattered fisticuffs, but why not post a pre-Rob-Ray-Rule topless Rob Ray on the blog. I know that assholeness is in the eye of the fan, but I never liked that dick Claude Lemieux. I'm sure that others think the same of Rob Ray, but he played for my team. For the record, I never liked Barnaby even when he played in Buffalo.

Scotty Stevens checks himself into the boards in his enthusiasm to get involved, but eventually the oiled-torso of Rob Ray is too much and he has his way with Lemieux.

(You all thought I was going to post the Wings/Avs brawl from 1997 didn't you?. To be honest, I was tempted to, but while watching Lemieux turtle, found this link and figured, why the hell not. No one is paying attention to the Sabres or the Devils at this point, may as well be the exception. Here's the link to the real-time brawl, not that Detroit propaganda that certain sites are selling)


Jeff K said...

Yeah, I think this blog should just feature Sabres and Devils highlights for the rest of the playoffs.

Claude was a douchebag too (one that I didn't root for unless he was on my team), but he could score goals at will. Avery is no Claude.

Jeff K said...

I just wanted to say that the "1997 march 26 bloodybath - Red Wings x Avs" video on YouTube was one of the best produced hockey videos I've ever seen. It was obviously edited by a Detroit fan as it looked like they won handily (it was 6-5 in OT), but there really were no 'winners' after that debacle.

I don't know when the video was made, but they used a song that was both appropriate and timely (the mid-90s song Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot"), while also including some actual game play by play.

This might sound stupid, but I hate when YouTubers take an old hockey clip and slap a new rap song or an old Metallica/P.O.D. on top of it. WRONG! Kids, when in doubt you should always use "Yakety Sax" for all hockey fights.