Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Washington Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin, of Russia, jumps into the arms of his teammates after scoring the first of his two goals in the third period of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarter final hockey playoffs with the Philadelphia Flyers, Monday, April 21, 2008, in Philadelphia. The Capitals won 4-2 tying the series 3-3. <br />(AP Photo/Tom Mihalek)Ovechkin was at his Ovechkinest last night, laying out hits and scoring 2 goals in the 3rd, including the go-ahead goal on a breakaway, as the Kapital Komrades scored 4 unexplained goals to bury the Philthy Lyers 4-2 and force a Game 7. Dare I say that Number Eight was . . . considerably above average? No, that doesn't have a good ring to it. I'll call him "Alexander The Excellent".

Nothing brings out the clichés like playoff hockey. Kris pointed me towards this WaPo article oh-so-creatively entitled "Ovechkin Has One Goal In Mind" which has this deep and enlightening quote:

"If we win, then the next game will be the final one for both teams. And if we lose, we're done and our season will be over."

Although he was talking about Game 6, the second sentence also applies to Game 7 tonight. The last time the Philthy Lyers were up 3 games to 1 and lost a series in a Game 7, Lindros was lying on his side on the ice after having his brain temporarily disconnected from his body by Scott Stevens. Here's hoping history repeats itself tonight.

The Flames have been in too many Game 7 situations to even count. All I know is I've seen this video dusted off and blogified everywhere, so why shouldn't we? Caution: you can't touch a flame when it's RED HOT.

After watching that brutal video (seriously, that's worse than getting RickRoll'd), I say that the Sharks will win.

Speaking of red hot, is it really necessary to burn cars when you win the first round of the NHL playoffs? I'm going to be in Montréal in a few weeks, and I can only hope it's not during a clinching game. I think the douchebag mayor of Montréal should declare a "2 for 1" night at the contact strip clubs to keep the miscreants off the streets. I blame Los Expos leaving town for the restlessness of the Quebecois.

Rob pointed this out: "Wow, Habs have defeated the Bruins in 24 playoff series. Good Lord, and [Boston fans] hate the Yankees?" I think the Bruins are cursed -- the Curse of the Bourquebino!

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