Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here are a bunch of questions that may or may not have answers, but I just needed to get them out of my head.

Why were the Montréal fans booing Zdeno Chara when Boston visited Le Centre Bell in the first round? Do they just randomly choose someone to boo, or was there some history there?

Why do fans think that booing will actually bother a professional player?

Why isn't VERSUS showing San Jose/Dallas game right now in New York? Instead, it's blacked out completely. Fan-fucking-tastic TV deal you've made there, Bettman.

Why is the ice at Mellon Arena so shitty? What else do they use that arena for?

Why would fans wear white at home games WHEN THE VISITING TEAM IS WEARING WHITE?

Reminder: if you're going to Madison Square Garden tonight, make sure you wear an expensive pinstripe suit, and a hideous shirt. (I see Ron Duguay got the memo.)

Didn't you guys miss (my neighbor) Sam Rosen? I'm not even a Rangers fan and I can honestly say I did--he's head and shoulders better than anyone VERSUS has to offer. Tonight's MSG broadcast might be his last if the Rangers don't wake up.

Why does MSG need 7 people talking about this game during the intermission? Do they have to justify all of their salaries? Where is Dr. Joyce Brothers?

Why didn't I pick Dallas to win? I almost did. Was it because the Ducks looked so bad, which I thought made Dallas look better than they really were? Why did I stick with San Jose? I hate San Jose. Also, I don't know the way there and I don't care.

Will Jagr stop whining and start playing now that he's had a diving call go his way AND a goal go in while he was in the crease and borderline interfering with MAF?

How did they let just George Laraque score a goal?

Why is the NBC on NHL set so fucking ugly? To distract you from the nonsense spilling out of Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury's mouths? (I like Pierre by himself, especially on XM, but why did they stick him with Milbury?)

Why does barbecued shrimp taste so damn good? (Sorry, I'm taking a dinner break.)

Did Drury just pull a muscle celebrating (when the puck didn't even go in)?


With this latest slew of Bud Light commercials, joking that it gives you "X-ray vision" and the ability to fly (can you get arrested for drinking and flying?), have they just given up trying to convince you it's a good beer?

Is this Penguins team firing on all cylinders or what? Final: Sidsburgh 5, Rangers 3.

Why does Dallas have the worst in-game music? It's like Jock Jams, Eurodisco and Hair Metal got into a fight in the parking lot.

Is there anything better than OT playoff hockey? I submit that there is not! No commercial breaks, and you can't look away as the game can end in the blink of an eye.

It's a final: Stars 2, Sharks 1 OT.

Should I stay up and watch yet another Detroit game, with Franzen probably scoring a hat trick, and Theodore inexplicably starting in goal? I'll answer this one: no.

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