Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I got my authentic Sorny TV yesterday and since I rarely watch TV, I was kind of flipping around watching the Simpsons dubbed into French (Homerpoloza is a great episode, by the way) and bad French rap...Until I realized, I still have a PS1 somewhere. And NHL 2000 to go with it.

I played a warm up game against the Cryers, which ended poorly, for them. 5-1 Sabres, with Miro Satan getting 2G and 2Assists. After a little bit of dealing (man I love NHL 2000) in which the Canadian National Team traded me Joe Sakic for some benchwarmer and the Czech Republic team traded Jagr to me for...I don't even remember: A fifth line center, I think. We faced Dave Anderchyuk and the NJ Devils!

Bad night for Marty, giving up 3 goals on 27 shots (had an empty netter too), but that's the way it goes. Michael Peca even checked Scott Stevens through the glass. They were firing on all cylinders!


Jeff K said...

Nice little fantasy world you've got going there. Anyway, welcome to the 21st century! Enjoy the SORNY. Now you have to upgrade from NHL 2000, and stop playing the computer on "easy".

Ahhh, Andreychuk, the King of the Scrappy Goal. I missed him cleaning up garbage around the crease for the Devils.

And there will only be one music festival, and that's the US Festival!

Kris said...

Give me some credit, I played on "Rookie" level, not on "Easy." And generally that makes both goalies suck. It's not my fault the 2000 Devil's only managed 7 SOG.

The funniest thing about "Homerpalooza" is when he goes into the record store and the [what we would now call a] hipster says "Apple wha?" when Homer says Apple Computers. That same stereotype now would only be seen with a Mac...How the times have changed since 1996. I liked it better when "Hand" Jobs was but a joke. Now the joke is on all the people who buy Macs because they're "cool."