Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Frequently when advertisers make commercials they use statistics to prove something or other. However, TotalElfFina has outdone themselves:

The latest version of this Total Excellium ad (I did not upload this or write the subtitles) that has been running in France has the greatest advertising stat that I have ever seen (without exaggeration).

At the very end, they run a text line that says: "Over 4-million consumers estimate that they get better mileage when they use Total Excellium."

THAT IS FUCKING BRILLIANT. You just spent 30% more for fucking gas that has been "reformulated" and we're now asking if you think you made a rational choice.
Despite being constantly accosted by this type of ad, Julie continues to accuse me of being too cynical. How can you not be cynical; about advertising, but worse about the humans that swallow this merde. It must work, if a huge multinational like Total is spending money to "get the word out."

Humanity is so fucked.

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