Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here's how I see it for round 2:

Prince of Wales:

(1) Montreal v (6) The Lyers: Last series, I routed against Danielle and he scored 11 points (with 6 goals) in 7 games. The Lyers avoided the game 7 meltdown that everyone was predicting after G6. They managed to overcome the Ovie-hype. I still hate those fuckers. Montreal, on the other hand, managed to drag a 4-game series out to 7 (I wonder how much they pull in at the Molson Centre (Bell Centre? I can't keep up) for two extra games?). Carey Price played a couple games like the dumb rookie that he is. The previous 91 words mean nothing.
Les Habitants en six matches

(2) Penguins v (5) NYR: Sidney Christ (still my preferred name) is starting to get on my nerves. Wait, it's actually the Penguin's bandwagon jumpers are starting to get on my nerves. Sidney plays fine hockey. Malkin's good. Marianne Hossa managed to make it through 5 whole games (a whole series!) without shattering a vital body part. Things are looking up in Western PA. Sidney is good for the sport as a whole: The league needs as much coverage as possible and hopping on Sid's back seems to be the fastest way to more viewer ship. Avery is the biggest twunt to grace a hockey rink since Tie Domi got fired by the Leaves. The Rangers don't really interest me that much. They are, however, a NY hockey team and I am kind of partial to them.
NYR in 6

Campbell Conference

Ugh. I was 3-1 out West and that was pure luck. I know even less now. Meh. What the fuck, I'll give it the old college try.

(1) Detroit v (6) Colorado: I thought Detroit were a lock in the last round and they nearly let the fucking South rise again. Hasek played like a 43-year old geriatrics patient and the Wings didn't impress at all. Colorado also had a bit of trouble with the Wild. I think that Colorado has a chance if they manage to play really well, but I don't think that that will happen. Detroit hasn't been playing great, but they've got too much depth to not make it to the Campbell Conference Finals.
Detroit in 7

(2) SJS v (5) Dallas: I called a Dallas loss last round and I was wrong. I called a Sharks win last round and minus a few Roenick heroics, I was wrong. I don't know. The Sharks have been destined by many a talking head to be this year's Cup recipients, but I wasn't really impressed with their game against Calgary. Ugh. Enough bullshit. I'm going against Dallas again.
SJS in 6

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