Tuesday, April 15, 2008


By an overwhelming margin (32%) you voted for more "broads" on this website, and we're all about giving you what you want here on the Open Hockey Blog. So here's Emma Watson, who plays li'l Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies. Most importantly, she just turned 18 today!

Yeah, she's not really that "hot" compared to Those Who Hate Pants, but I like to think of her as Lindsay Lohan's straight-laced, pasty-white British cousin (you've all been forced to watch the remake of The Parent Trap, right?). She's the Anti-Lohan! That is, until she moves to Hollywood and gets all whored up. Look for that to happen once the Harry Potter checks stop coming.

One quick question: once a chick becomes legal, is it okay to leer at pictures of her taken when she was younger? I need a ruling on this, because I've got some pictures of Hayden Panettiere (who turned legal last August) on file.


Kris said...

I think to answer your question, you should speak with Pete Townshend.

I would assume that some of the girls he was "researching" had already reached 18, yet it's still not legal if the offending images were acquired pre-18.

Of course if said girl is clothed, it's probably not "Illegal" per se, but not really kosher either.

Jeff K said...

With Passover starting this Saturday, thanks for the Kosher heads up.