Monday, April 7, 2008


Yesterday, I watched the Devils dominate the Rangers in the 1st period, putting up a two-spot and outshooting them 11-2. It seemed like a playoff atmosphere at The Rock, and I found myself getting wrapped up in it. Then just 0:19 into the 2nd period, Brodeur gave up a goal and put them right back in the game. What a giant boner, Marty!

I just knew the Strangers were going to end up tying it (or worse), so I turned off the TV and went for a jog. I'm going to go through enough frustration during their upcoming playoff series, so why start agonizing early? In the end, they ended up tied in regulation, which was enough for NJ to get home ice. What followed was the most anti-climactic overtime and shootout in the history of the NHL (which I also skipped, and which NJ won by the fake score of 3-2). I guess you had to be there.

But that quick goal got me to thinking: how many goals less than a minute into a period has Brodeur given up? He seems to do it quite often, as if he's not ready or properly focused for some odd reason. Here's the complete game log for this season, and when he gave up these 'quickies':

10/13 @ATL Won 6-5 - 0:22 2nd
10/16 @PIT Won 5-4 - 0:52 2nd
10/25 @NYR Lost 0-2 - 0:57 1st
11/17 @PHI Won 6-2 - 0:27 3rd
11/24 @TB Won 3-2 - 0:35 2nd, 0:36 3rd
12/9 @NYR Lost 0-1 (OT) - 0:30 OT
12/16 PHI Won 4-2 - 0:40 2nd
1/12 @BUF Won 3-2 (SO) - 0:58 1st
1/24 MON Lost 3-4 - 0:29 3rd
2/10 SJ Won 3-2 - 0:35 2nd
2/29 WAS Lost 0-4 - 0:43 3rd
4/2 BOS Won 3-2 (SO) - 0:37 2nd
4/6 NYR Won 3-2 (SO) - 0:19 2nd

In 76 starts, he's done this 14 times, and only 2 on a power play. I don't know if that's a high or low number compared to other goalies, but it seems to be above average, and it's happened enough times to annoy me. The good news is that they win 9 out of 14 games in which he does this.

I'm not sure why I posted this, but I guess what I'm saying is: PAY ATTENTION, MARTY! Sheesh.

As much as I wanted to see one of these games in person, I just can't afford it right now ($100 ticket +$20 parking + tolls/gas, since I will never take the train there again). Of course, the arena will probably be about 30% filled with Rangers fans, unfortunately.

UPDATE (1:30 PM): Though the ROCK tix are already on sale, the Game 3 and 4 tickets at MSG go on sale tomorrow at noon. Hmm, wonder if any will actually be available . . .

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