Thursday, April 24, 2008


Not only does Sergei Kostitsyn play in one of the most critical markets in hockey, he also has to avoid rampant Habs fans running through the streets and climbing all over his car.

At least, as Wyshynski put it, they didn't burn his Porsche 911 and instead just chose to wave and take camera-phone pictures.

(Note: I'm pretty sure the video image is reversed and Kostitsyn doesn't have a UK-spec Porsche).

[Youtube via NHL Experts Blog]

I haven't really thought much about those crazy Canadians burning cop cars in celebration of their series win (it's only the first round!), but you know what? I can't really care. People are stupid. They'll continue to be stupid. How lighting cars on fire somehow tells your favorite team 'YOU GUYS ROCK' I'll never know. Even at my drunkest, I've never been tempted to burn things; maybe some harmless vandalism (kicking a garbage can or something), but I just don't get the 'we won, let's go break some shit' mentality.

Good luck Jeff: I hope the Habs 1) Lose before you're there or 2) Don't play any important games (maybe the series will just start and you'll only have to live through games 1-3 of a series) when you're in Montreal.

Since I don't know where to put this, and I don't want to make a separate post AND this post is all about NHL HOCKEY EXPERTS BLOG LOVE, I just want to point out the absolute hilarity of having a fan from the winning team write an "eulogy" for the losing team of each series. People do not get tongue-in-cheek humor and take things way too seriously. The Massholes seem to be the worst, but that's just my opinion:

whatever! you're gay, you're gay, you're gay, pause, you're gay, you'r gay! nuff said!

just like a montreal fan to shoot off when they win and hide under their poutine when they don't. Boston is the best sports town in North America right now.

there is NOTHING more gay than Canada!
Eh, maybe not. There was a lot of vitriol in the Wild eulogy.
it always seems one sided with you avs people. i guess your heads are too big to see both sides.

The Avs suck. This guy is a grade A imbicile [there's a certain amount of wonderful irony when someone misspells a would-be insult of intelligence], which goes to show any monkey with a keyboard can run a blog.

I can see that people are forgetting about the issue at hand. The whole series went down hill once Peter "Flopsberg" decided he wanted to play like a panzy and try to get things done the silly nanny way
Wait, I have forgotten those great people from Jersey, who are well-known for being mild-mannered and classy:
Shows the intelligence of Greg the tool Wy [profane]ski.....when get off your knees and stop blownin Sean [Avery]...write a real column.

possibly the most biased, poorly written, useless piece of garbage i have ever read with my own eyes. written about the biggest piece of garbage [Sean Avery] and excuse for a professional hockey player i think i have ever seen. Just a poor, poor piece of material all around.

I enjoyed reading your article in yahoo sports. Your extreme hate for the devils oozes like the venom from a snake bite.
I'm guessing that Greg Wyshynski, likes the Rangers a lot.
[Wyshynski's a Devils fan]
I can understand that people don't like to read insulting comments about their team, but have a sense of humor; it's only a sport. And the great thing is that every team in the playoffs will get the same treatment, except the one that wins the cup.

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Jeff K said...

I love all the people that insult Wyshynski (a self-professed Devils fan) about writing the article as if he's in love with the Rangers. If you imbuceeles [sic] would read the intro, you'd discover that it's written by SCOTTY HOCKEY who is a RANGERS FAN. The comments are asinine enough as they are, but the fact that they MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE ARTICLE just makes them unbearably moronic. Oh, and Boston fans are just homophobic and weird.

The intelligence level of commenting on Yahoo! sites is several dozen IQ points lower than Deadspin, I'm discovering (and so is Greg, I'm guessing).