Saturday, April 12, 2008


New Jersey Devils coach Brent Sutter (R) reacts after officials disallowed what appeared to be a goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second period of their NHL hockey game in Newark, New Jersey, March 25, 2008. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES)It sucks being a Devils fan living in New York. Yeah, that's my own fault. In fact, I've never really gotten a chance to truly enjoy being a Devils fan surrounded by other Devils fans, because I moved to Connecticut shortly after they won their first Cup and have lived in New York ever since. Since then I've had to suffer in a fair weather hockey town, where the team that plays on Broadway garners the sports media attention despite only winning one Cup in 68 years. It's frustrating to say the least.

For the first time all season, someone in the bar asked to have the hockey game turned on before we could even do it. Suddenly, Rangers "fans" are coming out of the woodwork, presumably just to annoy me. Where were you at the start of the season? Where were you for the 7 consecutive seasons the Blueshirts missed the playoffs? Yeah, I thought so. I'd like to get behind the wheel of the bandwagon you just jumped on and run you over with it.

Game 2 - Rangers 2, Devils 1. The first two periods last night were complete horseshit, it wasn't even hockey. Instead of a well-played scoreless contest, it was one filled with Philthy-esque after-the-whistle nonsense, Parise losing two teeth on Backman's high stick, Avery once again being allowed to bump Brodeur at will, and Langenbrunner losing his cool with Gomez. In the final few minutes of a 2-1 game, the refs called Jamie on a mystery hooking call, missed a Betts hooking call on Madden, and seconds later fucked up an icing call on the Devils (impossible since they were shorthanded at the time)--but it should never have come to that. It ended with what will probably be the defining moment of the season: Devils' coach Brent Sutter throwing a stick on the ice in frustration. The last time a Devils coach did something like that, Robbie Ftorek was at the helm. That didn't end well, and neither will this. I guess it's payback for the Rangers getting swept by the Devils two years ago, and at least adds a little juice to the rivalry. Regardless, the Devils are dead.

Game 1 - Lyers 4, Kaps 5. If you haven't seen the game winning goal by Ovechkin, his first career playoff goal, you must watch it now. I'll wait.

The Kapitals absolutely stole a win last night in front of a raucous Verizon Center crowd, storming back from a 4-2 deficit to clip the Philthy Lyers 5-4. If that wasn't painful enough, right before the tying goal Lyers winger Patrick Thoreson got injured blocking a shot and MAY HAVE TO HAVE A TESTICLE REMOVED. *shudder* I guess there are worse things than losing your two front teeth.
UPDATE: He's okay. Whew.

Game 2 - Avs 2, Wild 3 (OT). (Series tied 1-1.) Avs tie it up with 44 seconds left on a power play with the goalie pulled, but Wild take it with an OT goal by Keith Carney. Carneys. Very small hands. Smell like cabbage.

Game 2 - Sens 3, Sidsburgh 5. (Crosbys lead series 2-0.) I guess everyone was right and Ottawa is gutless. So much for my picks.

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